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  • ☕️ Local photographer shares horror stalker story - stalked for 7 years, from MY to UK

☕️ Local photographer shares horror stalker story - stalked for 7 years, from MY to UK

Saifuddin Abdullah: PN will turn Selangor into a 'super state'. SG's most serious graft probe in decades now involves a billionaire. Guinness World Records - whitest white and why it matters.

Let’s start the week with a revelation. We have been lied to our whole lives:


RM199,000 — the official starting price of Tesla’s best-selling model — Model Y — in Malaysia. According to a report by JATO Dynamics and Motor1.com, the Tesla Model Y emerged as the best-selling vehicle worldwide in the first quarter of the year, making it the first electric vehicle to achieve this feat. Tesla sold 267,200 units of the Model Y during that period, as reported by JATO. Fancy one? Only RM1,000 to book and you can design your car here.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the demand for nickel is projected to increase by at least 65% by 2030. The IEA further predicts that Indonesia, the largest global producer of nickel, will be able to fulfil around two-thirds of the world's nickel requirements. In anticipation of this growing demand, Indonesia has already secured significant agreements with international companies interested in investing in both mining operations and processing facilities, amounting to billions of dollars. But, the cost to nature is high. The miners have been bulldozing rainforests to get at the ore beneath.

There is an alternative, however — a patch of the Pacific Ocean seabed known as the Clarion-Clipperton Zone (CCZ) contains numerous potato-sized lumps composed of valuable minerals like nickel, cobalt, manganese, and copper. Battery manufacturers highly seek after these minerals due to their importance in battery production. Then again, it’s basically transferring the damage on land to underwater. It is estimated that the nodules in the CCZ hold approximately 340 mil tonnes of nickel alone, highlighting the significant mineral wealth present in this region. Nickel is selling at USD22,000 per tonne currently. The 340 mil tonnes would be worth….USD7.48 tril? Such prices wouldn’t hold once the market is flooded with supply.


PM Anwar’s 25 minutes meeting with Elon Musk

  1. Tesla’s HQ will be in SelangorPM Anwar Ibrahim’s meeting with Musk was joined by SpaceX senior director Lauren Dreyer, investment, trade and industry minister Tengku Zafrul Aziz, and communications and digital minister Fahmi Fadzil. The meeting with Elon Musk lasted about 25 minutes. Musk also stated his readiness to visit Malaysia soon.

  2. Local unis to StarlinkThe government is planning to address slow internet connectivity in higher education institutions by proposing the installation of 40 Starlink satellite broadband devices. The decision follows complaints received during Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim's visits to universities across the country regarding sluggish internet speeds. Students won’t have to spend 24 hours on top of a tree to get an internet connection anymore.Jabatan Komunikasi Komuniti (J-KOM) trying too hard. By the way, it’s the same agency that, a few days ago, released an infographic that a family of 4 could survive on RM400 a month’s worth of groceries.

PM: Efforts to eradicate hardcore poverty are across all racesIn a get-together with the Indian community in Kedah, PM Anwar Ibrahim said the Unity Government will help all hardcore poor, regardless of race. The government’s stance is to ensure the rights of all races are protected as enshrined under the Federal Constitution.

Over 200,000 recipients of the Rahmah Cash Aid (STR), who are classified as hardcore poor according to e-kasih data, will be receiving the Sumbangan Asas Rahmah (SARa) contribution of RM600 from today onwards (July 17). This contribution aims to provide financial assistance to those in need and support the welfare of the hardcore poor in Malaysia.

Local photographer shares horror stalker storyA female photographer in Malaysia has taken to social media to expose years of cyber sexual harassment and stalking by an individual. Using the handle @Acacia Diana, she shared her experience and screenshots of the stalker’s lewd messages, which gained significant attention and support from social media users. The harassment reportedly began in 2016 with comments on her blog. In addition to leaving comments on her blog, the stalker had created more than 30 social media accounts over the years to harass the female photographer. These accounts were used as a means to target and intimidate her. She had since filed a new police report following the advice of Women, Family and Community Development Minister Nancy Shukri.

Stalking is now a crime, with the anti-stalking law coming into force on 31 May 2023.

Seven customs agents caused RM33 mil in losses detainedSeven men have been implicated in an alleged scheme that resulted in the illegal reduction of luxury vehicle car duties, leading to losses estimated at RM33 mill. According to the source, the detained suspects are believed to have collaborated with car owners in submitting documents containing false information, aiming to obtain a reduction in customs duty assessments. Will the car owners be nabbed too?

Circus of politics

  1. Perikatan Nasional’s (PN) Saifuddin Abdullah said Selangor could be a “super state” under PN if the coalition wins a mandate in the coming state elections. Saifuddin said Selangor menteri besar Amirudin Shari had failed to realise the vision.

  2. Home Minister Saifuddin Nasution wants Kedah menteri besar Muhammad Sanui Md Nor to clarify whether he has received a compound letter amounting to RM500,000 over the alleged theft of rare earth in Kampung Chong, Sik. The Pakatan Harapan secretary-general alleged that a letter, signed by Kedah Director of Lands and Mines Mohd Fauzi Mustaffa on October 4 last year, was issued to the Chairman of the Kedah Menteri Besar Incorporated (MBI).

  3. In Negeri Sembilan, UMNO 🤝 DAP as party leaders have expressed their desire to defend their respective state seats in the upcoming state election. Mohamad Hasan (UMNO) is the incumbent for the Rantau seat and Anthony Loke (DAP) is the incumbent for Chennah.

  4. Economic Affairs Minister Rafizi Ramli said the Kelantan state government does not need RM8 bil to solve the water issues in the state. The state only required another water treatment plant at the cost of RM1.5bil — on top of the RM500 mil announced by PM Anwar Ibrahim and the RM1 bil by DPM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi previously. The additional plant will increase the water production to 700 mil litres a day.


  1. Maxis Bhd has finally decided to execute the 5G access agreement with Digital Nasional Bhd (DNB). The decision came after the government’s announcement that it will transition to a dual network model will be implemented based on conditions in line with global practices after DNB’s 5G implementation covers 80% of populated areas. Maxis said it is expected to incur operating expenses of RM360 million per annum for the national 5G wholesale network product. Learn more about the controversy here over the single wholesale network model.

  2. AEON makes a big splash to undertake digital Islamic banking operations in Malaysia. AEON Credit Service (M) Bhd said the group and Tokyo-listed AEON Financial Service Co Ltd (AFS) will be investing RM175 mil each to undertake the digital Islamic banking business through ACS Digital Bhd (ACSD), which is preparing to be licensed as a digital Islamic bank. The group said ACSD will commence the digital Islamic banking business by April 8, 2024.


Singapore’s most serious graft probe in decades now involves a billionaireFollowing the arrest of Transport Minister S. Iswaran, the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) revealed that Malaysian-born tycoon Ong Beng Seng was arrested on the same day and was released on bail. Iswaran was also released on bail and is now on leave of absence, with no access to any official resources and government buildings.

The 77-year-old Ong Beng Seng is best known for bringing Formula 1 to the city-state. He is the founder and managing director of Singapore-listed Hotel Properties Limited, which owns 38 hotels and resorts operating under brands including COMO, Four Seasons, Hard Rock Hotels and Concorde. Ong and his wife Christina’s net worth is estimated to be USD1.75 bil, according to Forbes. 

Across the straits, it’s business as usual.

USD39 bil of student loans in the US forgivenPresident Joe Biden’s administration has announced a new student-loan forgiveness programme after a previous one was struck down by the Supreme Court. The Education Department will automatically cancel USD39 bil in student debt for 804,000 borrowers. Those eligible are under the income-driven repayment plans whose remaining debt will be cancelled after they have made payments for more 20 or 25 years. Still, flaws in the systems (e.g. administrative errors, tracking payments problems) left many of the borrowers paying longer than necessary. 

There’s no free lunch, so the US government is the one picking up the tab. The US budget deficit surged to USD2.3 tril in the 12 months through June, up 64% from the fiscal year 2022. Last month alone, the government spent USD225 bil in excess of its income. “Completely unsustainable path” - the words of Larry Summers describing the US debt situation. Summers was the former Treasury Secretary, the position that controls the spending of the US.

The US can continue spending like a drunken sailor so long there are buyers for its bonds, as it is still deemed ‘safe’. With the world moving into a multi-polar world and the de-dollarization trend picking up, the world is beginning to realise that US creditworthiness is deteriorating. 

The world’s whitest whiteThe Guinness World Records declared the white created by Dr Xiulin Ruan, a professor of mechanical engineering at Purdue University, to be the whitest paint ever. Dr Ruan and his team did not set out to win the record but had a loftier goal of cooling the environment. In 2021, the white paint creation was unveiled, capable of bouncing 95% of the sun’s rays. Months later, they unveiled an even more potent formulation that increased sunlight reflection to 98%, or in other words, it only absorbed 2% of the sunlight and heat and was able to cool surfaces to below-ambient temperatures. According to Dr Ruan, commercial white paints generally reflect 80-90% of sunlight, with the remainder absorbed by the object.

The paint is at least a year away from commercialisation. Its environmental impact could not be overstated - it could significantly reduce energy usage and keep the environment cool naturally. 


  1. ChatGPT creator OpenAI is facing regulatory action as the US Federal Trade Commission has opened an investigation into the company on whether its conversational AI puts customers’ reputations and data at risk. The company is also facing legal challenges from content owners over copyright infringement

  2. The World Health Organization has classified the artificial sweetener aspartame which is found in more than 6,000 products globally used in Diet Coke, Pepsi Zero Sugar etc., as a possible carcinogen, but it’s safe within limits. The research by WHO has identified a possible link between aspartame and a type of liver cancer called hepatocellular carcinoma. The US Food and Drug Administration disagrees with the finding and said it has identified flaws in the WHO studies. 

  3. As Disney pulls back its investment in the Marvel universe, toy company Mattel aspires to establish its “Mattel universe” as envisioned by its CEO, Ynon Kreiz. Underlying this strategy is the upcoming Barbie movie, set to be released this week. Barbie is Matte’s biggest-selling brand, bringing in more than USD1.5 bil annually. Other brands under Mattel include Hot Wheels, Masters of the Universe, Bob the Builder, and Thomas the Tank Engine. Would be interesting to see crossovers between Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank.

  4. Wimbledon 2023 concluded over the weekend. Major upsets across both Men’s and Women’s singles finals. In the Men’s singles final, Carlos Alcaraz, 20, beat seven-time champion Novak Djokovic 1-6 7-6 (8-6) 6-1 3-6 6-4 on Centre Court. On the other hand, Marketa Vondrousova — ranked 42nd in the world, became the first unseeded player to win the Wimbledon women's singles title as Ons Jabeur's wait for a major goes on.


Today in architecture

  1. Stockholm, Sweden, plans to build the world’s largest “wooden city”, called Stockholm Wood City, from 2025 that will feature 7,000 office spaces and 2,000 homes with over 2.7 mil sq feet of space. This project aims to demonstrate Sweden’s sustainable innovation at its best. Visit here to see more artist impressions of Stockholm Wood City. Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University's latest business school now holds the title of the largest wooden building in Asia.

  2. The structure below isn’t an alien ship. Las Vegas unveiled Sphere, the UD2.3 bil entertainment venue that has a giant LED screen display. It is said to be the largest LED screen on Earth, at about 580,000 sq feet and 1.2 mil LED lights.