Sitemap - 2022 - The Coffee Break

☕️ Revisit 2022, in 7 minutes

☕️ MySejahtera is back for the long run

☕️ Twitter user exposed dubious deal in KL Tower concessionaire transfer

☕️ Batang Kali landslide - country's second-worst natural disaster in terms of fatalities after the 1993 Highland Towers collapse

☕️ UM loses at least 30 "best and brightest" medical grads to SG each year - former UM medical faculty dean

☕️ RM100mil immediate assistance to flood victims in Kelantan & Terengganu

☕️ Nearly RM2 bil could be saved from re-evaluating direct nego flood mitigation projects

☕️ PMX vote of confidence a success, real work starts now #rebuildingMalaysia

☕️ Argentina won the World Cup + USD42 mil prize money

☕️ No more political appointees, cabinet decided

☕️ Public Bank shares ROI since 2000 - 3,456%

☕️ PM Anwar Ibrahim wants to implement targeted subsidies

☕️ Sabah's 'Bersatu 4' defection to put new anti-hopping law to test

☕️ Kelana Jaya LRT to remain erratic until Q3 of 2023

☕️ Muhyiddin's 'RM15 mil salary' remark - PM Anwar issues legal notice demanding apology

☕️ Slew of updates by ministers - Chicken eggs, cooking oil, direct nego deals, citizenship, deputy minister appointment

☕️ Juicy details from PM Anwar's post-special cabinet meeting press conference

☕️ The Cabinet Made in Tambun

☕️ 'Winter' in Malaysia expected to last until February

☕️ PM Anwar's cabinet lineup expected to be announced today

☕️ PM Anwar Ibrahim: "There can no longer be procurements approvals without tender."

Corporate Deals - 29 Nov 2022

☕️ PAS at it again - DAP promoting Islamophobia

☕️ Anwar Ibrahim - 24 years of PM 'Tepi', now officially PM10

☕️ Anwar Ibrahim became PM (Prime Memer, not Minister)

☕️ Democracy isn't a destination

☕️ The Final Showdown: PH vs PN

☕️ Post GE15 Special

☕️ Malaysia's Future - Make it or Break it

☕️ Najib Razak & his entourage spent USD259k at Trump's hotel back in 2017

☕️ Former member of 1MDB board of advisors got paid RM25k/month, despite not having any meetings

☕️ Government blames Taman Sri Muda floods as 'acts of God'

☕️ How to vote at the polling stations for first-time voters, refresher for seasoned voters

☕️ Explained: How to steal an election

☕️ Possible public holiday before voting day

☕️ Mamee Monster founder passed away at 96

☕️ GE15 KYC (know your candidates) interactive map by Malaysiakini

☕️ MACC investigating the SDs supporting Zahid Hamidi to be PM10

☕️ RM18.85 mil - Rafizi Ramli's declared net assets, first PH candidate to do so

☕️ BN, PN announced its GE15 candidates

☕️ Tony Fernandes steps down as AirAsia X acting group CEO "due to other commitments"

☕️ Merdeka Center Survey: Most popular party leader - Muhyiddin, least popular party leader - Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

☕️ LGE to sue Tajuddin over turning MOF office into 'tokong Cina' remark

☕️ PM Ismail Sabri: "Pardon for Najib not up to the government or UMNO"

☕️ Ismail Sabri: "It is not our culture to have debates"

☕️ Pfizer to increase price of its Covid-19 vaccine by 10,000% - People's Vaccine Alliance

☕️ EC: 21 mil eligible voters for GE15

☕️ Do I look senile to you? - Tun Mahathir

☕️ Bapa Lantikan Politik

☕️ Jho Low and father sentenced to prison for contempt of court

☕️ Satirical Art 1 — 0 PAS

☕️ Tawfik Ismail's Campaign Tagline: "Rakyat vs Rasuah"

☕️ Najib Razak & Co's never give up attitude to appeal against SRC Int'l conviction

☕️ PAS gets in bed with Bersatu while PH still unsure about MUDA & PSM

☕️ GE15: Endgame

☕️ Now anyone (including yourself) can be an election candidate through PKR's new "political innovation"

☕️ No one in Malaysia is actively searching for Jho Low - Billion Dollar Whale authors

☕️ PAC found irregularities in the procurement of MySejahtera app.

☕️ Najib Razak seeking permission from Prisons Dept. to visit his constituency "once in a while"

☕️ #undibanjir coming soon

☕️ Sultan Sulu heirs seek to seize Petronas' assets, again

☕️ Ukraine's "I Want to Live" hotline receiving lots of calls from Russian troops enquiring on surrendering

☕️ PM Ismail Sabri invites UAE to invest in Bandar Malaysia

☕️ Nothing escapes inflation - GE15 estimated to cost RM1.1 bil

☕️ BN is PN's main enemy in GE15 - Muhyiddin

☕️ Cabinet undecided on whether to have election this year

☕️ Najib Razak ('Merpati') away from prison in Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital for physiotherapy

Malaysia in Numbers @ 21 Sep 2022

☕️ Five more Malaysians escaped the hellish job scam and returned home

☕️ GLC, GLIC heads and judges are now required to declare their assets

☕️ Zahid Hamidi: No personal problems with PM Sabri as long as GE15 held this year

☕️ Women, Family & Community Development Minister Rina Harun in the spotlight again for the wrong reasons

☕️ Brace yourself for voting in the floods

☕️ Najib Razak & Rosmah stripped off titles awarded by Sultan Selangor

☕️ Pak Lah, Malaysia's fifth PM suffers from dementia

☕️ Britain's longest-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, has died peacefully

☕️ PAS leader: survey shows 88% of people convicted of giving bribes were non-Malays

☕️ Najib Razak SRC Int'l #nevergiveup - files review application of Federal Court's decision

☕️ 100,000+ IP addresses suspected of sharing child pornography

☕️ PAS' 30-year plan to have a PAS PM by 2050

☕️ Rosmah Mansor's RM970 mil fine "largest in Malaysian legal history" - Jagjit Singh, Rosmah's lawyer

☕️ Project Brazen launched by Billion Dollar Whale authors to find fugitive Jho Low

☕️ Ahmad Zahid Hamidi claims previous PH govt selectively prosecuted him.

☕️ Merdeka just got better - Aaron-Wooi Yik won Malaysia's first-ever badminton World Championship

☕️ LCS forensic audit: mineral water, cotton bud packs, cleaning cloth etc listed as spare parts purchases

☕️ Negri Sembilan PH govt to allow all leasehold residential properties to convert to freehold, fulfilling one of its GE14 pledges

☕️ "Go To Jail" card came earlier for Najib Razak

☕️ UMNO emergency meeting held yesterday, not attended by PM Ismail Sabri

☕️ PAS President: non-Muslims, non-Bumiputeras the root of corruption

☕️ Najib Razak: My rights, life, liberty and right to fair hearing is at stake

☕️ Malaysians spend RM1.47 bil a year on bubble tea

☕️ Chief Justice: “Justice delayed in this (SRC Int'l) case is justice denied to other persons”

☕️ It's the final countdown for Najib Razak as his final appeal in the SRC Int'l trial has begun.

☕️ Namewee feat. YB Syed Saddiq, 5Forty2 & MastaClan - A Song About FROGS in Malaysia

☕️ iPay88 hacked, customers' card data potentially compromised

☕️ Malaysia Commonwealth Games Medal Tally: 7 gold, 8 silver, 8 bronze

☕️ GE15 to cost RM1 billion 💸, double of GE14 of RM500 mil

Malaysia in Numbers @ 9 Aug 2022

☕️ Retirement crisis in the making - 6.62 mil (52%) of EPF members below 55 years old have savings of less than RM10k

☕️ PN might withdraw support for PM Sabri, PM Sabri says govt ready for GE15 if it happens

☕️ PAC: Government paid RM6.08 bil for LCS ship, but not even a single ship was completed

☕️ Kedah MB to flood victims: accept fate with an open heart, be grateful for other blessings

☕️ In Today's Believe It or Not: Najib Razak discloses RM4.49 mil worth of assets in the SRC Int'l trial

☕️ DAP to sell 8,888 NFTs of 'Langkah Sheraton'-inspired oil painting by Tony Pua, raising RM1 mil

☕️ Muhyiddin Yassin seek Lim Kit Siang's support to be PM in 2016

☕️ After Bon Odori, Religious Affairs Minister is coming after Oktoberfest claiming it will disrupt social harmony and safety

☕️ Peninsular Malaysia's daytime 'Earth Hour' - what happened and the political jokes that followed

☕️ Former PM Najib Razak gets new lawyers for his final appeal of the SRC Int'l Sdn Bhd trial, seeking to postpone trial

Malaysia in Numb3r$ @ 26 Jul 2022

☕️ eWallet operator TNG Digital raised RM750 mil led by Lazada Group

☕️ Selangorians the least happy Malayians according to Malaysia Happiness Index 2021.

☕️ 1MDB debt: RM32.08 bil outstanding, RM10.8 bil repaid

☕️ In Parliament: Anti-sexual harassment bill passed, Tajuddin Abdul Rahman used the word 'p*k*m*k'

☕️ RM5 mil spent on "Keluarga Malaysia" campaigns

☕️ Curi-Curi Malaysia: SOCSO's PenjanaKerjaya RM100 mil false claims, RM24 mil suspected bribes to approve bank loan

☕️ Jho Low offered RM1.5 bil to settle charges against him, AGC says rejected all offers

☕️ Najib Razak received another "anonymous envelope" at his house with documents he claims related to his SRC International trial

☕️ PM Sabri asked to comment on Petronas' seized assets by Sulu Sultanate: Petronas will issue a statement

☕️ "Heirs" of Sultan of Sulu seized 2 Petronas subsidiaries worth more than USD2 bil over USD15 bil legal dispute with Malaysian govt

☕️ Local action movie "Mat Kilau" record-breaking local box office receipts of RM71 mil

☕️ MAS in talks to buy 30 new planes worth RM44 bil

☕️ Mother of 2 sentenced to 14-month jail term for stealing 2 packets of Milo worth RM73

☕️ UMNO No.2 says he was misquoted saying 'Najib should go to jail', Asia Times released full interview recording

☕️ Najib Razak's lawyer's health issue for the 4th time leading to court trial being postponed

☕️ Which officials Malaysians think are corrupt - National Anti-Corruption Plan 2019-2023

☕️ To laugh or not: Malaysia world model for fostering unity among races, inflation rate amongst lowest due to govt's commitment tackling inflation

☕️ Quran teacher charged with rape, molest of underaged sisters in, prosecution said at least 10 other child victims

☕️ Zahid Hamidi: charges against him politically motivated, Tun M told him to disband UMNO & join Bersatu

☕️ Tajuddin reveals: move to unseat Zahid Hamidi as UMNO President in May 2020, UMNO MPs SD backing Anwar Ibrahim as PM is real

☕️ PM Ismail Sabri & Burberry

☕️ FGV's AGM focused on the directors' remuneration

☕️ Cash is king in Malaysia. PM announced cash assistance to B40 families and single persons.

☕️ Syed Saddiq CBT, money laundering trial has begun

☕️ Rafizi Ramli's prediction - Dewan Rakyat to dissolve by August, in time for new government to table Budget 2023

☕️ Turn country's annual floods into "volunteer tourism" - former tourism minister Nazri Aziz

☕️ Witness: RM3 mil cash in suitcase delivered to former DPM Zahid Hamidi's official residence

☕️ RM367.2 mil, 5-year contract from 2022-2027 awarded to GFM Services Bhd for facilities management in Istana Negara

☕️ Shopee pulling out from Spain, 3rd international exit this year after France, India

☕️ Mass layoffs at Shopee, coming soon

☕️ RM30.75 mil contract to replace 200 lamp post (RM153.75k/lamp post) - DBKL denies authorising 3rd party to appoint contractor

☕️ 46% of Malaysian workers said they are willing to compromise their values on a job - survey

☕️ A royal ‘Uno reverse’ - Sultan Selangor instructed JAIS not to obstruct the Bon Odori festival

Kaodim and its marketplace flaw - what we can learn from it

☕️ 1MDB-Tanore trial witness: 1MDB advisor got paid RM30k a month doing little to nothing, 1MDB set up as political fund to BN

☕️ Amnesty for corruption, then "shoot to kill" policy - Nazir Razak's approach to addressing corruption inspired by Hong Kong in 1970s

☕️ "Ibu Bangsa Malaysia": Zuraida Kamaruddin

☕️ Most PH ministers were "cap ayam" ministers, incompetent - BN Adviser Najib Razak

☕️ Inflation > GE15 - PM Sabri's priority

☕️ How bad was the Raya season flight delays? MAVCOM releases its initial findings

☕️ French authorities investigating corruption allegations in MRT2 project worth RM692 mil

☕️ FT Minister: Efforts to mitigate flash floods in KL showing results

☕️ 41% Malaysian youths unsure who to vote for in GE15 - survey

☕️ PM Sabri awarded Honorary Doctorate from Japan's Nihon University - for his contributions and efforts in the fight against Covid-19

☕️ Works Minister: New highways proposals approved, no guarantee to resolve traffic congestion.

☕️ Muhyiddin: PN considering to work with PH

☕️ Finance Minister: 53% of the RM4 bil petrol subsidies from Jan to Mar enjoyed by T20, only 15% benefitted B40

☕️ Former deputy PM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi got paid SGD200k-520k per month in cash for 5 years in relation to Foreign Visa System contract, court told

☕️ Malaysians tipped over RM50 mil to Grab riders and drivers in 2021

☕️ Serba Dinamik, top 4 executives given a discharge and acquittal by court, AGC explains its decision

☕️ Kelantan Deputy MB: Kelantan has 'too much water', no where to store

☕️ To peg or not to peg (again) MYR to USD?

☕️ Largest LGBTQ dating app and social network, Grindr to list at USD2.1 bil valuation.

☕️ Coming to you in Aug 2022 - Najib Razak's final appeal in apex court to overturn SRC International case conviction, jail sentence

☕️ Foreign Minister: Malaysia only abide to sanctions passed by UN, no unilateral sanctions, maintained stand of non-alignment

☕️ 2 Malaysians convicted in Singapore's largest-ever share manipulation case that saw SGD8 bil (RM25.1 bil) in market value destroyed

☕️ PKR Sec-Gen Saifuddin Nasution questioned the lack of Bumiputera companies being awarded digital banking license

☕️ Penang to ban short-term rentals and homestay

☕️ The list of relaxed Covid-19 SOPs and restrictions

☕️ Nagaentrahn, Malaysian death row inmate in Singapore, to hang today after mum's final appeal dismissed

☕️ Najib Razak SRC Conviction Appeal: 94 grounds why the CoA had erred upholding High Court's conviction and sentence

☕️ MACC speedy action to investigate Judge Mohd Nazlan, Anwar Ibrahim says could be seen as "political interference"

☕️ PAC chairman: govt 'confused' over who appointed MySejahtera vendor KPISoft Sdn Bhd

☕️ 'Leaked' PAS intelligence report detailed alleged plot to expedite court cases of Najib Razak and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

☕️ "Strong, convincing, formidable majority" - Anwar Ibrahim shares what went down back in Sep 2020

☕️ Malaysia has lost 15% of its beaches due to coastal erosion

☕️ UMNO Supreme Council unanimously propose Ismail Sabri as prime minister candidate in GE15

☕️ AirAsia flying taxi: KL to KLIA in 17 minutes, cost less than USD50 per pax

☕️ Selangor Sultan bought a painting of Malaysian parliament depicting MPs as primates and frogs

☕️ The length matters 😉, for your passwords.

☕️ Former PM Muhyiddin Yassin: 1MDB trial must be expedited so that justice can be dealt swiftly

☕️ Malaysians lured by human traffickers, forced to work 15-hour day in online scam call centre in Cambodia

☕️ Anti-hoping bill sitting deferred, more feedback needed

☕️ WHO: Omicron XE, more contagious than other Covid-19 strains

☕️ No more toll hikes on 4 highways - Kesas, LDP, SPRINT and SMART Tunnel

☕️ UMNO Sec-Gen: UMNO and Bersatu are 'divorced'

☕️ RM95 mil - largest jackpot in Malaysian history won by a Penangite

☕️ MySejahtera Saga: PAC to initiate probe, Health Minister and Finance Minister to be called to testify

☕️ Unscheduled water cuts affecting 144 areas in Gombak and KL, to be restored by 31 Mar

☕️ The RM639 airasia SUPER+ subscription plan gets you unlimited flights, unlimited food deliveries

☕️ KJ: The government did not sell MySejahtera app to any private companies

☕️ Foreign Minister wrote an official letter in BM to US Secretary of State

☕️ A member of Genting's Lim family received USD14 mil for assisting in the sale of Genting's power plant to 1MDB

☕️ Rina Harun: government has no plans to ban child marriages, but committed to preventing it

☕️ Public Health Institute: 188,020 children under 12 smoke either conventional cigarettes or e-cigarettes

☕️ UMNO President: UMNO is not linked to 'backdoor government', not responsible for the backdoor move

☕️ RM1,500 minimum wage being finalised - HR Minister.

☕️ USD dominance threatened with Saudi in talks to price oil in Yuan.

☕️ Former PM Najib Razak seeking retrial for his SRC International case, claiming High Court judge's conflict of interest

☕️ Malaysia ranks #2 in The Economist 2021 Crony-Capitalism Index

☕️ The short and sweet summary on Johor state election - did Johor overwhelmingly voted for BN?

☕️ ‘Hijrah Diri’ - an app JAKIM created to help LGBTs return to fitrah (innocence, purity)

☕️ Grab could face lawsuits after disappointing share price, losing 70% in value since its listing 3 months ago

☕️ RM83.6 mil worth of land and property awarded to former PM Abdullah Badawi for his services to the government

☕️ A man convicted of raping an underage sentenced to 1,050 years in jail (a record), but reduced to 42 years by the High Court

☕️ Good news: Thailand and Cambodia VTL starts Mar 15. Bad news: AirAsia reintroduced fuel surchages.

☕️ Grab spent USD1.78 bil on consumers, drivers and merchant-partners incentives in 2021

☕️ McDonald's Malaysia RM1.35 bil Vision 2026 plan to open 205 new outlets, hiring 50,000 new workers (100% locals)

☕️ 2018-2021: RM2.3 bil worth of stolen electricity from illegal Bitcoin mining

☕️ CIMB taking a RM281 mil potential hit and more arising from its double-crediting error that affected 11,800 customers

☕️ "Clusterf**k" - Ukraine Malaysian embassy evacuation mission as described by a government official source

☕️ New 'accidental' scientific discovery - life flash before our eyes as we die

☕️ Quick summary on 1MDB trial star witness, Tim Leissner's testimony on former Astro Malaysia CEO, Najib Razak and BNM

☕️ Sarawak preschool children in state-owned kindies taught basic sign language to promote inclusivity in society

☕️ Billionaire Syed Mokthar Al-Bukhary-owned Lotus Cars to list EV arm, Lotus Technology, at a GBP5-6 bil valuation

☕️ Malaysia crowned men's champions in Badminton Asia Team Championships

☕️ USD250k - celebrity fee Jho Low paid to party with Leonardo DiCaprio or Megan Fox

☕️ World No.7 badminton player Lee Zii Jia starts own club - Lee Zii Jia Badminton Club

☕️ Tips from Paul Tan - how to ensure your RFID works properly

☕️ Census 2020: Malaysia's population at 32.4 mil, 69.4% Bumis, 29.9% Chinese and Indians

☕️ Women, Family & Community Dev. Dep. Minister advises husbands to use "gentle" physical touch if wives are stubborn

☕️ Political graphic artist Fahmi Reza charged for 'obscene' post that annoyed former health minister

☕️ Injunction order issued against former PM Najib Razak - to freeze assets, max RM100k bank withdrawal a month

☕️ Curlec, Malaysian fintech startup to be acquired by Razorpay, India's unicorn fintech startup

☕️ KPMG in Canada adds BTC and ETH to its corporate treasury. Probably nothing.

☕️ 24-hour mamaks may be a thing in the past, 2,000 mamaks shut down in the last 2 years

☕️ PM Sabri made decision to reduce max retail chicken price by 20 sen whilst being served Evian water

☕️ 10-year Prime Ministership tenure limit bill to be tabled in next Parliament sitting

☕️ 3 major Malaysian banks reportedly gave USD600 mil unsecured loan to failed Genting HK

☕️ Kelantan Deputy Mentri Besar: tigers entered villages not due to loss of habit, but contracted a disease rendering it unable to hunt

☕️ Malaysia fell 5 spots to rank 62 out of 180 countries Transparency International's 2021 Corruption Perception Index

☕️ Kelantan Forestry Dept Director: Deforested area good for tiger population

☕️ Johor heading for snap election, 4th state since 2020

☕️ 'If you see orangutan, orangutan will kill you first' - Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister

☕️ World No.7 and All-England winner national shuttler Lee Zii Jia resigned from BAM

☕️ Microsoft acquires game publisher Activision for USD68.7 bil in cash

☕️ UOB acquires Citigroup Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia for USD3.7 bil

☕️ Malaysian passport ranked 12th in the world with 179 visa-free destinations

☕️ MACC Chief Commissioner to sue anti-graft activist for RM10 mil in damages for defamation

☕️ World Bank predicts global growth will slow to 4.1% this year

☕️ Djokovic, truly the greatest all-court player. He has even won on the Australia's Federal Court!

☕️ National athletes monthly allowance now at RM800 - how to produce world champions?

☕️ KJ: 30,000 daily Covid-19 cases expected if omicron left unchecked

☕️ The day MACC offended doctors and the rakyat's intelligence

☕️ PM Sabri denies rumour on cabinet reshuffling

☕️ AirAsia Group Bhd to change name to Capital A Bhd

☕️ Malaysia's benchmark stock market index FBM KLCI - worst performer in ASEAN, 2nd-worst in Asia