Sitemap - 2023 - The Coffee Break

☕️ Passport renewal application rejected over the lack of BM proficiency

☕️ Mask up - 57.3% spike in Covid-19 cases from a week earlier, >1k weekly cases for the past 6 weeks

☕️ UMNO Sec-Gen: RM100 mil penalty if BN MPs defect

☕️ Johor govt to set up rehabilitation centre for those who practise same-sex relationships

☕️ Unity Government abandoned GEG in the anti-smoking bill

☕️ NGO Aman Palestin suspected of funnelling funds to another company to invest in gold, properties

☕️ Muhyiddin's Bersatu presidency u-turn

☕️ NGO Aman Palestin's bank accounts frozen by MACC, alleged misappropriation of RM70 mil

☕️ PAS’ Priorities: ❌ Rakyat’s woes ✅ Polygamy ✅ Boycott concerts

☕️Boycott à la PAS-style

☕️ GLICs invests more than 60% (RM451 bil) of funds in local equities

☕️ EPF's 9-month 2023 total investment income of RM47.9 bil, up +33% y-o-y

☕️ MACC to summon 4 Bersatu MPs who pledged support for PMX

☕️ Survey: 4 out of 5 managers are "accidental managers"

☕️ Federal Court commuted the death sentence, natural life imprisonment of 11 inmates in landmark review

☕️ Bersatu shot itself in the foot over Anti-Hopping Law

☕️ Syed Saddiq - guilty on all charges, 1st Malaysian politician to be sentenced to whipping

☕️ Uno, dos, tres, cuatro - PMX keeps scoring Bersatu MPs

☕️ Previous two PMs spent RM700 mil on publicity and promotion work

☕️ 3 approaches considered for subsidy rationalisation - Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli

☕️ The Genting Job - casino heist, RM4.6 mil chips stolen

☕️ MAS parent MAG on track to achieve 1st full-year net profit since 2014

☕️ Be prepared for National Service if you are between 16 - 35 years old

☕️ Two-thirds of "Brain Drain" Malaysians reside in SG

☕️ PAC: RM505 mil losses due to expired Covid-19 vaccines

☕️ UNGA's resolution overwhelmingly voted in favour for humanitarian truce between Israel-Hamas

☕️ New King incoming - to be announced today

☕️ Tasek Gelugor MP Wan Saiful slapped with new 18 money laundering charges involving RM5.59 mil

☕️ NGO Aman Palestin being investigated by MACC

☕️ New superapp in town - MyOnePAS (yes, it's that PAS)

☕️ Ringgit nearing Rahmah's price - Kedah MB Sanusi

☕️ Malaysia's retirement system ranks 32nd out of 47 systems, graded C

☕️ Record 6 Malaysian unis in T.H.E world's top 500 uni rankings

☕️ DPM Zahid Hamidi: "Biggest donation in country's history" - Malaysia targets RM100 mil donation to Palestine cause

☕️ MYAirline - mess cleaning in progress, refunds by end of year

☕️ Budget 202(3A) - key highlights

☕️ MYAirline fiasco - the juicy summary

☕️ About loans: RM10 bil Ah Long loans, RM1.3 bil EPF-backed personal loans, 10-sec approval home loan

☕️ Auditor-General 2022 Report - how our government spent our money

☕️ National Service 3.0 to be revived, military-focused

☕️ Would you buy 99 Speed Mart's IPO?

☕️ Penang proposes to convert abandoned stratified units to into workers’ hostels

☕️ The cost of Malaysia's subsidy addiction - >RM81 bil

☕️ PM Anwar: No cabinet re-shuffle (today)

☕️ Cabinet reshuffling possible, soon - DPM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

☕️ Your vision is perfectly fine - it's just haze season again

☕️ Titiwangsa MP Johari Abdul Ghani emerged as substantial shareholder of MyNews

☕️ Election court nullifies PN's victory in Kemaman over bribes, another by-election potentially

☕️ The iconic Rafflesia, the world's largest flower, at risk of extinction

☕️ What PM Anwar said at UN General Assembly

☕️ Rafizi: Subsidies bill to exceed >RM100 bil if oil hits USD100

☕️ Rapid rise of Bangladeshi workers entering Malaysia concerning - migrant rights activist

☕️ Shouting match in Dewan Rakyat after PM's snarky remarks against Radzi Jidin

☕️ Rafizi: Malaysians are addicted to eating out, but it isn't our fault

☕️ PM Anwar's China trip + RM20 bil MoUs

☕️ Arau MP (PN) calls for more diverse, minority representation in Parliament #notajoke

☕️ Will GST make a return?

☕️ Parliament to investigate high-profile court cases - Zahid Hamidi's recent DNAA, Najib Razak + Arul Kanda and Muhyiddin's DAA.

☕️ Penang residential property market 2nd-best performing in ASEAN, up +5.6% in H1 2023

☕️ MUDA-Unity Govt Status: You go your way, I go my way

☕️ This week in Court: Zahid's DNAA, Bung Mokhtar & Wife's DAA

☕️ NGO MYMP uses Hansard data to identify most controversial, funniest MP - Arau MP Shahidan Kassim

☕️ A day of drama in Corporate Malaysia: hostile takeover, allege insider trading, breach of fiduciary, statutory duties

☕️ Deputy PM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi got DNAA-ed in Yayasan Akalbudi trial

☕️ PM Anwar unveils RM95 bil New Industrial Masterplan 2030

☕️ PM Anwar: All schools in the country to have proper, basic infrastructure by October

☕️ The summer internship that pays USD19.2k (RM89.2k) per month

☕️ Zeti: AG slashed 1MDB fine from RM23 mil to RM15 mil

☕️ Malaysia's July inflation at 2%, lowest for the year

☕️ Corporate Malaysia: 1 day, 2 mega deals - Sime Darby x UMW, KLK x Boustead Plantations

☕️ Former PM Najib Razak penned a poem marking 1st anniversary behind bars

☕️ Fahmi Fadzil to meet mobile operators over 5G surcharge

☕️ Putrajaya not ruling out suing Goldman Sachs in 1MDB case

☕️ Never ending politicking - after PRN, now National Day logo and theme

☕️ Elmina plane crash - what we know so far

☕️ 1MDB hole could have been RM4.9 bil bigger if BNM had approved its offshore debt fundraising

☕️ Former PM Muhyiddin Yassin discharged, acquitted in his Jana Wibawa case

☕️ RM3.2 bil, not RM2.6 bil entered Najib Razak's accounts - former BNM governor Zeti

☕️ PRN Review, Public Holiday and on Sanusi again

☕️ It's now a criminal offence to wear LGBTQ+ themed Swatch watches

☕️ New anti-stalking law in action - first man to be charged today

☕️ The curious timing of the lead prosecutor's retirement in Deputy PM Zahid Hamidi's corruption trial

☕️ Good Vibes Festival final warning to The 1975 to take responsibility, compensate damages or see them in English court

☕️ DOSM releases pay statistics of formal sector, workers suggesting Malaysia is far, far away from high-income dream

☕️ PH-BN Manifesto in Selangor and Penang

☕️ DAP's growing fear of losing its 'safe deposit', Penang

☕️ Corruption trial goes on for Deputy PM Zahid Hamidi

☕️ Deputy PM Zahid Hamidi's corruption trial resumes today

☕️ State Elections: 570 candidates - see where the big guns are competing

☕️ Anwarnomics presents Ekonomi Madani and National Energy Transformation Roadmap

☕️ RM38 mil cash, 200 kg gold, 17 luxury cars seized from a 'Datuk' film distributor by MACC

☕️ Putrajaya to review Sedition Act, to only use to protect royalty from provocations

☕️ Hannah Yeoh's touching tribute to late Domestic Trade Minister Salahuddin Ayub

☕️ Good Vibes Festival - what happened so far

☕️ PMX vs Mahathir, PMX vs Muhyiddin

☕️ On Kedah: Sanusi in court, MACC investigates alleged RM13 mil bribery at Menteri Besar Kedah Inc.

☕️ Kedah caretaker MB Sanusi Md Nor to be charged in Selayang Court

☕️ Local photographer shares horror stalker story - stalked for 7 years, from MY to UK

☕️ Defence Minister: Well-connected persons attempted to buy Pharmaniaga on the cheap through the "highest leadership"

☕️ PM Anwar: "Final warning" to all parties not to exploit the 3Rs - race, religion and royal institution

☕️ KL-SG High-Speed Rail is on the cards, again

☕️ The Staggering Economics of Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour

☕️ PM Anwar <> Elon Musk meeting this week

☕️ When China's USD480 bil livestreaming economy is bigger than Malaysia's entire economy

☕️ State Elections in Numbers: 12 Aug, 6 states, 9.77 mil voters, RM420 mil

☕️ RM16 bil LRT3 to open in March 2025

☕️ Troubles in Putrajaya: Health Ministry sued, MACC probes NRD, Immigration Dept staff, non-payment salary allegation

☕️ Tourism Minister airport drama exposes alleged corruption

☕️ Muhyiddin Yassin: Unity Government is "hopeless"

☕️ GE15 Election Court Cases: PAS 1 - 1 BN

☕️ Global Trans Index: Malaysia ranks 2nd-worst out of 203 countries globally in transgender rights

☕️ High Court orders former PKR VP Zuraida Kamaruddin to pay RM10 mil for breaking bond, party hopping

☕️ Dengue + Haze health danger combo in the making

☕️ RM22.98 mil in fees made by Najib Razak's speechwriter over 3 years for 22 speeches, PR services

☕️ Pharmaniaga's auditor raised material uncertainty on the company's ability to continue operating

☕️ Rohingya refugees can pursue education soon in IIUM, thanks to Qatar's RM231 mil donation

☕️ Home Minister: Certain politicians protecting illegal online gambling syndicates

☕️ DAP Sec-Gen Anthony Loke explains why DAP willing to compromise on cabinet positions

☕️ B40/M40/T20 classification to phase out in 2024, households' net spendable income to be used instead - Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli

☕️ PM Anwar: Education should be free for all Malaysians, except for the rich

☕️ 72% or 165k+ products with Halal certification owned by non-Muslim companies - JAKIM

☕️ MACC freezes >RM39 mil in bank accounts of a former senior minister, 2 Tan Sri businessmen and their family members

☕️ BBC Eye investigation: Catching the men who sell subway groping videos

☕️ Law enforcers misbehaving? Easily report them online through newly launched SPAPS

☕️ RM9.14 bil cost to treat smoking, vaping disease complications by 2030 without GEG - Health Minister

☕️Tan Sri Lim Kit Siang - DAP's first and only Tan Sri

☕️ PM Anwar: RM8 bil price tag to solve Kelantan’s water issues is too high

☕️ Jho Low's alleged associate died of massive stroke, police investigation says no foul play

☕️ T20 contributed 85% of personal income tax collected in 2022

☕️ RM28,880 per scoop of the world's most expensive ice cream certified by Guinness World Records

☕️ MACC launched an investigation into a RM399 mil project involving Petronas and a foreign O&G company

☕️ Malaysian film 'Tiger Stripes' makes history winning Grand Prize at the 62nd International Cannes’ Critics’ Week

☕️ National trainwreck in slow motion - nearly half of 2021 SPM leavers chose not to further their studies, up by 55% from 2020

☕️ 'Akta Coldplay 2023': Govt will draft a new ‘anti-scalping’ law

☕️ RM950,000 for FF8 number plate

☕️ Throwback 1997 - MACC investigating a Tan Sri and a former senior minister over a RM2.3 bil case

☕️ Malaysia is multiracial, but ranks 41 of 78 of the least racist countries in 2023

☕️ Mid Valley + NU Sentral - mall combo closure due to electrical issues

☕️ DPM Zahid Hamidi: no need to declare emergency over heatwave, might reconsider if temperature hits 40 degrees Celsius

☕️ PM: There is a RM10 bil leakage in diesel subsidy

☕️ 54% of Malaysians feel that they are unfairly paid - Randstad survey

☕️ Silicon Island - RM10 bil Penang South Islands mega project scaled down to 1 island from 3

☕️ RM2.28 tril - the cost of corruption to the nation over 26 years

☕️ MACC: Over 500 misconduct reports not being acted upon by government agencies

☕️ 20% employer EPF contribution - yay or nay

☕️ Tun M suing PM Anwar for RM150 mil in a defamation suit

☕️ Malaysia is in the top 3 for cryonism-capital

☕️ RM2.1 billion of GST uncollected, even 5 years after its abolishment

☕️ Gen Z the "most challenging generation" to work with, "easily offended" top reason for firing - Survey (n=1,000)

☕️ Ipsos study: 4 in 10 Malaysians find it not the right time to focus on climate actions given tough economic conditions

☕️ Capital A's founder Tony Fernandes ready to step down, starts succession planning

☕️ EPF sold RM580 mil of its retail assets in the past two months

☕️ Putrajaya in talks with China for Jho Low to 'balik kampung' to face justice

☕️ Jho Low paid USD20 mil (RM88.8 mil) just to get a picture taken with Barack and Michelle Obama

☕️ PMX made many Malaysians' dream come true - additional holiday for the coming Raya, toll-free travel

☕️ Worsening air pollution - from last year’s Raya Terkejut to this year’s Raya Tak Nampak

☕️ Court instructs Sapura Energy to release docs on former CEO's remuneration, incentive package

☕️ Finas sues 47 "grantpreneurs", production companies for failing to deliver any films after RM20 mil grant given

☕️ Govt launches to provide info, fight disinformation against Sulu Sultanate heir claims

☕️ Sam Ke Ting acquitted by Court of Appeal in 'basikal lajak' case

☕️ Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's Yayasan Akalbudi trial postponed again, defence team submitted letter of representation

☕️ Khazanah Nasional's RM550 mil studio investment went on fire sale

☕️ 47,600+ kg food waste daily at Ramadan bazaars just in KL and Putrajaya, enough to feed 39k+ people

☕️ Power is trust and not a privilege - PM Anwar

☕️ PM proposes Asian Monetary Fund to reduce dependence on USD and International Monetary Fund #dedollarrization

☕️ National Walking Day: Opposition, Mogok Doktor MY and a Johorean doing their 'walks'

☕️ Of PM Anwar's RM170 bil investment from China and Najib Razak's SRC Int'l 4-1 verdict against review

☕️ SRC Int'l review application today- Najib Razak might walk out of jail

☕️ Jho Low sentenced 10 years in prison in absentia by Kuwaiti court, charged as "organised criminal group"

☕️ Over 2,000 villagers in Kelantan haven't received clean water for Ramadhan

☕️ PM Anwar teases major investment to be announced this week, representing govt's "highest commitment"

☕️ Monopolies (slowly) be-gone - PM Anwar instructed all ministries to review existing monopolies

☕️ Unsatisfactory quality of government-led social housing programme for B40 households - Khazanah Research Institute

☕️ Sarawak exercises autonomy - won't follow federal govt guidelines on foreign artists

☕️ 5 highways to have open payment system by Sept '23

☕️ Transportation upgrades: Debit, credit cards can be used at public transportation soon, no more toll gates by 2025

☕️ Busy weekend for politics - PKR, UMNO and Tun M

☕️ Inside job - at least 20 employees from 5 banks helped scammers duped RM200 mil from victims

☕️ 'What's there to be proud of winning the Oscars?' - celebrity preacher PU Syed Mohd Bakri

☕️ Bersih slams PMX & Gov over political appointments

☕️ MY Gov to get RM50 bil of dividends from Petronas. Petronas reported a PAT of RM101.6 bil for FY22.

☕️ Former PM Muhyiddin to be charged again today

☕️ Muhyiddin - second PM in Malaysia's history to be charged with graft today

☕️ Malaysia's brain drain rate - 5.6% of population migrated, above global average

☕️ UMNO prevented from being deregistered as Home Minister exercises ministerial power allowed under Societies Act

☕️ Opposition has every right to topple the govt, no one can stop us from planning - PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang

☕️ EPF 2022 Dividends - Behind The Numbers

☕️ Tiered EPF employer contribution, dividend rate to address the nation's impending retirement crisis?

☕️ Berjaya Corp announced the first-ever all-female board members of Bursa-listed companies

☕️ T20 enjoyed RM17 bil (35% of allocation) of oil & petrol subsidy in 2022

☕️ Abu Dhabi agrees to pay Malaysia USD1.8 bil (RM7.9 bil) for 1MDB settlement

☕️ Belanjawan 2023 - what's in it for you?

☕️ 71% of active EPF contributors below 55 do not have enough to retire above poverty line - PM Anwar

☕️ EPF savings - tragic difference between T20 vs B40

☕️ Bersatu info chief Wan Saiful Wan Jan allegedly received RM6.9 mil of bribe

☕️ MACC to charge Bersatu information chief and Tasik Gelugor MP over Jana Wibawa probe

☕️ PAS provocation weekend - of warrior cosplay and rickshaw

☕️ Auditor-General's 2021 Report - leakages here, leakages there, leakages left, right, centre (like every other year)

☕️ Cow buys ice cream - Farm Fresh Bhd to acquire 65% stake in The Inside Scoop for RM83.9 mil

☕️ PM Anwar: No problem for me to hold the finance minister post, the problem is the abuse of the position to rob rakyat

☕️ The only King in nation's history to reigned over 4 PMs & 4 different cabinets - YDPA Sultan Abdullah

☕️ All about road tax

☕️ High cost of living issue government's own doing due to price control mechanism, according to World Bank

☕️ Improprieties found in Covid-19 vaccine procurement, white paper to reveal details - PM Anwar

☕️ PM Anwar appointed 5 business, finance experts as (pro bono) advisors to finance portfolio

☕️ KJ considering a comeback- 'a lot of potential for restarting my political career in Selangor'

☕️ 73% of Malaysians aged between 18 to 40 are in debt (n=1,077)

☕️ Bersatu: Bank accounts frozen by MACC, 9-figure party income declared in 2020, 2021

☕️ Shopee to create over 2,000 jobs in Malaysia

☕️ The N in Madani - Nepotism?

☕️ Government is considering 'A' rated toilets requirement for F&B license renewal

☕️ PM Anwar's 2 massive 'ang pows' for Sabah and Sarawak

The Figures You Need To Know - Malaysia in Numbers @ 20 Jan 2023

☕️ PM's MADANI acronym fail

☕️ Grab is SEA's food delivery champion by a mile - grabbing 54% of market share

☕️ New PM, new slogan: "Malaysia Madani"

☕️ Selangor PAS chief confident PN will takeover Selangor in upcoming state polls

☕️ >RM12 bil of Serba Dinamik's assets, liabilities, revenue, expenses couldn't be verified - external auditor

The Figures You Need To Know - Malaysia in Numbers @ 13 Jan 2023

☕️ #RESETUMNO viral poster showing Johari Abdul Ghani as president, KJ as deputy

☕️ The 'SOP' of giving ang pow

☕️ New Year, New Tax - 10% on online goods purchased overseas worth less than RM500

☕️ AG proposed BM to replace English as the authoritative version of the Constitution - why it matters

☕️ PM Anwar blames industry cartels for high cost of living, food security and unfair wages

☕️ Najib Razak escalates SRC Int'l appeal to UN Human Rights Working Group #nevergiveup

☕️ RM100-150 mil spent on pensions annually for former ministers, deputy ministers, parliament secretaries - Kangar MP

☕️ Teenage rape victim allegedly raped by investigating police officer

☕️ DOSM's special report on eggs hatched new insights - who is to be responsible for egg shortages?