Sitemap - 2023 - The Coffee Break

☕️ SRC Int'l review application today- Najib Razak might walk out of jail

☕️ Jho Low sentenced 10 years in prison in absentia by Kuwaiti court, charged as "organised criminal group"

☕️ Over 2,000 villagers in Kelantan haven't received clean water for Ramadhan

☕️ PM Anwar teases major investment to be announced this week, representing govt's "highest commitment"

☕️ Monopolies (slowly) be-gone - PM Anwar instructed all ministries to review existing monopolies

☕️ Unsatisfactory quality of government-led social housing programme for B40 households - Khazanah Research Institute

☕️ Sarawak exercises autonomy - won't follow federal govt guidelines on foreign artists

☕️ 5 highways to have open payment system by Sept '23

☕️ Transportation upgrades: Debit, credit cards can be used at public transportation soon, no more toll gates by 2025

☕️ Busy weekend for politics - PKR, UMNO and Tun M

☕️ Inside job - at least 20 employees from 5 banks helped scammers duped RM200 mil from victims

☕️ 'What's there to be proud of winning the Oscars?' - celebrity preacher PU Syed Mohd Bakri

☕️ Bersih slams PMX & Gov over political appointments

☕️ MY Gov to get RM50 bil of dividends from Petronas. Petronas reported a PAT of RM101.6 bil for FY22.

☕️ Former PM Muhyiddin to be charged again today

☕️ Muhyiddin - second PM in Malaysia's history to be charged with graft today

☕️ Malaysia's brain drain rate - 5.6% of population migrated, above global average

☕️ UMNO prevented from being deregistered as Home Minister exercises ministerial power allowed under Societies Act

☕️ Opposition has every right to topple the govt, no one can stop us from planning - PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang

☕️ EPF 2022 Dividends - Behind The Numbers

☕️ Tiered EPF employer contribution, dividend rate to address the nation's impending retirement crisis?

☕️ Berjaya Corp announced the first-ever all-female board members of Bursa-listed companies

☕️ T20 enjoyed RM17 bil (35% of allocation) of oil & petrol subsidy in 2022

☕️ Abu Dhabi agrees to pay Malaysia USD1.8 bil (RM7.9 bil) for 1MDB settlement

☕️ Belanjawan 2023 - what's in it for you?

☕️ 71% of active EPF contributors below 55 do not have enough to retire above poverty line - PM Anwar

☕️ EPF savings - tragic difference between T20 vs B40

☕️ Bersatu info chief Wan Saiful Wan Jan allegedly received RM6.9 mil of bribe

☕️ MACC to charge Bersatu information chief and Tasik Gelugor MP over Jana Wibawa probe

☕️ PAS provocation weekend - of warrior cosplay and rickshaw

☕️ Auditor-General's 2021 Report - leakages here, leakages there, leakages left, right, centre (like every other year)

☕️ Cow buys ice cream - Farm Fresh Bhd to acquire 65% stake in The Inside Scoop for RM83.9 mil

☕️ PM Anwar: No problem for me to hold the finance minister post, the problem is the abuse of the position to rob rakyat

☕️ The only King in nation's history to reigned over 4 PMs & 4 different cabinets - YDPA Sultan Abdullah

☕️ All about road tax

☕️ High cost of living issue government's own doing due to price control mechanism, according to World Bank

☕️ Improprieties found in Covid-19 vaccine procurement, white paper to reveal details - PM Anwar

☕️ PM Anwar appointed 5 business, finance experts as (pro bono) advisors to finance portfolio

☕️ KJ considering a comeback- 'a lot of potential for restarting my political career in Selangor'

☕️ 73% of Malaysians aged between 18 to 40 are in debt (n=1,077)

☕️ Bersatu: Bank accounts frozen by MACC, 9-figure party income declared in 2020, 2021

☕️ Shopee to create over 2,000 jobs in Malaysia

☕️ The N in Madani - Nepotism?

☕️ Government is considering 'A' rated toilets requirement for F&B license renewal

☕️ PM Anwar's 2 massive 'ang pows' for Sabah and Sarawak

The Figures You Need To Know - Malaysia in Numbers @ 20 Jan 2023

☕️ PM's MADANI acronym fail

☕️ Grab is SEA's food delivery champion by a mile - grabbing 54% of market share

☕️ New PM, new slogan: "Malaysia Madani"

☕️ Selangor PAS chief confident PN will takeover Selangor in upcoming state polls

☕️ >RM12 bil of Serba Dinamik's assets, liabilities, revenue, expenses couldn't be verified - external auditor

The Figures You Need To Know - Malaysia in Numbers @ 13 Jan 2023

☕️ #RESETUMNO viral poster showing Johari Abdul Ghani as president, KJ as deputy

☕️ The 'SOP' of giving ang pow

☕️ New Year, New Tax - 10% on online goods purchased overseas worth less than RM500

☕️ AG proposed BM to replace English as the authoritative version of the Constitution - why it matters

☕️ PM Anwar blames industry cartels for high cost of living, food security and unfair wages

☕️ Najib Razak escalates SRC Int'l appeal to UN Human Rights Working Group #nevergiveup

☕️ RM100-150 mil spent on pensions annually for former ministers, deputy ministers, parliament secretaries - Kangar MP

☕️ Teenage rape victim allegedly raped by investigating police officer

☕️ DOSM's special report on eggs hatched new insights - who is to be responsible for egg shortages?